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Ayurveda considers that the balance of 5 elements as health of the individual.A integrated functioning of body mind and soul and a efficient balanced harmony of the 3 doshas specific to our body type is needed to have good health.

Due to different factors in todays diet ,lifestyle and the air we breathe there are pollutants entering our body and cause an imbalance in the doshas- Vata Pitta and Kapha which are called Air ,Fire and Water

To maintain health Ayurveda recommends that we regularly undergo Panchakarma and cleanse our body and all internal organs,so that they can work efficiently and last more longer without getting diseases.

Ayurvedic pulse diagnosis is a ancient method of diagnosis to know your body type and imbalances .It is very important that every individual should undergo a analysis of his Ayurvedic body type so as to understand his body type and follow the diet and lifestyle to maintain health.

During this diagnosis the physician places her 3 fingers on your pulse and does a reading of your pulse and this analysis shall be followed by a diet and lifestyle advice and also some Ayurvedic medication may be given If required to bring back the balance.

The suitable Panchakarma treatments shall be advised after analysing the imbalances so that the balance in the doshas shall be brought back after expelling the imbalanced aggravated toxins….

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